Once Upon a Failure: Digitalisation gone wrong

Once Upon a Failure: Digitalisation gone wrong

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Well hello, fellow failure hero!


We all make mistakes. Some opt to cover them up and never speak about them – but you are not like that. You see failure as an opportunity to grow, learn and bounce back.

Through DigIT Hub's event series "Once Upon a Failure", we are highlighting that the journey of digitalisation isn't always easy - and that that's okay.

We do this by sharing stories of digital failures in a light-hearted and fun manner, using a virtual studio and stage for you to meet our inspiring guest speakers.

The emphasis is on lessons learned and cultivating a culture of openness around the common challenges we face in digitalisation.


Join us on September 16 for our next edition of "Once Upon a Failure", where we are excited to announce that we are joined by the following guests/failure heroes:

  • Therese Boija (Coordinator, DIGG)
  • Staffan Persson (Global Presales Director, SiB Solutions)
  • Luciano Pasquariello (Global Sales Manager, Scanfil)

The event is moderated by Leslie Alfredsson, and hosted in English.

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  • When: September 16, 12:00 - 13:00
  • Where: Livestreamed digitally, using a virtual studio

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