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Urban Kizomba nights every wednesday wednesdays with by Mårten & Yana. Join as a couple online via Zoom or join some of our local groups!

About this Event

Join Movem Friends - the friendliest way to learn & develop your Urban Kizomba!

Mårten & Yana welcomes you to enjoy a wednesday night of learning and enjoying dancing of the sensual couples dance Urban Kizomba. This amazing dance, originally from Angola has developed, mixed up with other latin dances, tango and street to a vibrant and widely popular dance with an international scene.

With a unique format we bring dancers of all levels together either online via zoom or in local groups hosted by our inspiring assistant teachers.

Progressive material for all levels of dancers

Especially for the Movem Friends concept, Mårten & Yana has created a new and unique material suitable for all levels of dancers.

  1. The Foundation - We start each class with a basic technique that becomes the theme of the class. This will work both as an introduction to a beginner dancer, but it is presented with interesting twists giving the more experienced dancers the opportunity to re-visit and develop their basics.
  2. The steps & techniques - We build on the basic theme and add steps and techniques and increase the difficulty level to teach smooth and useful figures.
  3. The challenge - Each workshop ends with a trick or styling that will be fun and challenging even for the most experienced dancers. In this part of the class the beginners might have to take a step back and see this as inspiration!

Social dance with internationally renowned DJs

Each night ends with social dance to the tunes of an international DJ that plays a DJ-Set live for us the DJ is connected and read the rooms like in a normal party. The DJs are taking us on a journey through the inciting and modern sounds perfect for Urban Kizomba!

Friendly and sharing environment

We know how intimidating it can be to come for the first time to experience a new dance. In fact, we all has been a beginner at one time. We all remember the people who were willing to support us in the beginning. This is why every experienced dancer in our groups are willing to help and share their knowledge. Together we will grow our community so much quicker!

At the same time we respect the enormous ammount of experience our more skilled dancers have and their need for space for development in the classes and in the social dance.

We are aiming for a balance between sharing and enjoying in your personal pace.

Join online on Zoom or in a local group

As any online program, Movem friends can be enjoyed as a couple simply connecting via Zoom. However, social couples dance should really be enjoyed together in a group.

If we cannot meet many people in the same room...

During the pandemic most countries have limitations on how many people you can be in a room at the same time making many people to choose to not dance at all. By not keeping your alive we risk to gradually loose our ability and joy in our dance.

...lets have many rooms ;-)

Movem Friends are currently building a network of local groups where dancers can gather locally and dance together. This creates the perfect balance between the international level workshop and DJ performance.

Local groups are available in the following locations, to attend choose the matching tickets when signing up to the event, The number or spaces is limited to the venue size and the local regulations:

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Linköping, Sweden
  • Karlstad, Sweden
  • Kalmar, Sweden

New groups is added as our assistant teachers are signed up.

Do you dream about becoming an Assistant Urban Kiz teacher become a host with Movem Friends!

If you are an experienced dancer and wishes to share your passion for Urban Kizomba we offer you to host your own group in your area. We will give you weekly training and coaching and give you invaluable skills you will need when you one day start your own career as a dance teacher. Hosting a group with Movem Friends is a cost free, no risk opportunity to evaluate if teaching dancer is a career for you.

As a host you need the following:

  • Access to a space with a floor suitable for dancing and space for social distance while dancing
  • A modern computer with web cam and Zoom installed
  • Decent quality speakers
  • Optional: A big screen TV.

As a host you are responcible for following the local recomendations and make sure to care for your dancers. Please contact us on and follow the instructions.

How much it cost? It is up to you! 😍

Movem friends is free to attend! Instead we rely instead rely on your voluntary and generous donations to grow and develop our program. Your contribution goes to renting of studio, hiring international DJ and world renowned star teachers! Thank your to everyone that contributes!

For you who choose to donate, you will get a high quality recording of the class after each session, as well as exclusive interviews and invitation to special events!

We realize that not all people have the financial position to contribute financially, but don't worry, We understand. Your biggest contribution is to show up, be in time and stay for the social! There is also so many other ways to contribute. If you like what we do, make sure to subscribe to like, share and subscribe to our social platforms and why not bring a friend!

Be sure, we will take as great care of your friends as you would yourself!

The friendliest place to dance!

Our vision is to create the nicest place to learn and develop your dance with others. We are looking for creating and appreciating and helpful environment for everyone. In the Movem Friends there is no right or wrong, only variants! We are here to find and develop our personal style.

We have zero tolerance for bullying, sexist or racist behaviour. We will take swift action is we sense disrespect of personal boundaries like inappropriate touching etc.

If you feel something is not right in the class please report immediately. You will find emergency contact details in your confirmation letter after signing up.

Your safety is our primary concern!

About your teachers

Mårten & Yana is international Urban Kizomba teachers with between them years experience of teaching on the international Kizomba scene.

Yana started out as at the age of 4 and is schooled in the classic art of ballroom dancing including international competitions. Yana discovered Kizomba after a few years of dancing Salsa and Bachata and at the present day has been teaching Kizomba as a local teacher in Odessa Ukraine.

Mårten started out as a club kid in the 90th and was deeply engaged in the house, trance and techno scene in Sweden. When introduced to Kizomba, he was hooked after the first lesson. At the present time Mårten has 5 years of experience of teaching in Sweden as well as internationally.

Today, Mårten & Yana focuses on the Urban style of Kizomba and their life purpose is to share this dance with the world!

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