Ideon Games 2022 Tournament

Ideon Games 2022 Tournament

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It's time to get your team ready!


Ideon Games is a company tournament where the teams compete in Counter Strike, CS:GO. After a successfull premiere last year, we are now back to make it even bigger and better. The registration is now open for all companies, and not just those located at Ideon Science Park.

So grab your colleagues and register your team

The registration close on June 30

Take note! Only the team captain needs to register, not the whole team!

The Team

A team must consist of at least five players, but we recommend to have one or two extra just in case. Three out of these players must be a part of the company, the rest can be a friend, family member or someone else. We all work towards gender equality and we want this to reflect on the teams. Please make sure to involve all of your colleagues. You never know who is a pro!

All team players must be at least 18 years of age or older.

The Tournament

The tournament is played digitally starting week 36 and ends on week 41. The finals will be held physically in Lund on October 21st. All team players must be on site for the finals.

The Tickets

Each team has to pay a registration fee through an invoice that will be sent out after registering. There are two different types of tickets:

- Startups in an incubator program: 1 500 SEK

- Other companies and organisations: 3 500 SEK

The Game

The game we are playing is Counter Strike, CS:GO.

Game Specific Rules

We are playing BO1 in the online qualifiers.

Anti-Cheat – Tournament servers will be VAC enabled and will require VAC enabled clients. If a player is VAC banned then they are not allowed to take part in a match.

Map Pool

The Tournament will use the current competitive map pool (Valve Active Duty Map Group) which consists of the following maps:








Best-of-one (Bo1) matches – Online qualifiers

Team A starts the process and the order of the ban / pick is as follows:

1. Team A removes one map.

2. Team B removes two maps.

3. Team A removes two maps.

4. Team B removes one map.

5. The remaining map will be played.

The sides on the map are determined by a knife round.

To change map just write “rcon changelevel de_xxxx” in console.

Best-of-three (Bo3) matches – 7 September

The better seeded team decides if they are either Team A or Team B. Team A starts the process and the order of the ban / pick is as follows:

1. Team A removes one map.

2. Team B removes one map.

3. Team A picks one map.

4. Team B picks one map.

5. Team A removes one map.

6. Team B removes one map.

7. The remaining map is played as a decider, if required.

Every team decides sides on the map choice of their opponent. The sides on the last map are determined by a knife round.


All matches have to start with five players per team (5vs5), other constellations are not allowed. If a team fails to show up with enough players, the match will count as no-show.

If a player drops during an ongoing match, the ongoing round will be finished. If the map is not over, at that point, the game should be paused until the player can return or be replaced by a substitute as described in

If the original player is unable to return and no replacement can be brought in, the team has the choice to forfeit the series or to continue it with four players.

If a team would have to play on with less than four players, the opposing team will receive a default win.

No show

If your opponent does not confirm that they are ready 15 minutes after their last match got closed and rated, you have to open a protest to request a default win. Map vote and connecting to the server need to be done in time. Players/teams showing no real effort to do it or even delaying the process on purpose may be disqualified.


If you have a problem that prevents you from playing on, you are allowed to pause the game. You have to announce the reason before or immediately after you paused the game.


In case of a draw after all 30 rounds have been played, an overtime will be played in best out of 6 mode and with $10,000 start money. For the start of the overtime teams will stay on the side which they played the previous half on, during half-time sites will be swapped. Teams will continue to play overtimes until a winner has been found.

Just write “rcon overtime” in console to start.

Server crash

If the server crashes before three rounds have been completed (in a half), the server must be restarted and the half's score will be reset to 0-0.

If the server crashes after the third round has been completed, the half must be restarted with start money 2000 and the score will be counted from the last completed round. The start money is set to 2000 and the team that lost the last round kills itself using "kill" in the console. This round does not count. The half continues with the following round. The start money has to be set to 800 again.

Post Match

After map completion, the winner will report the result to immediately with screenshot.

Server Command for team captains

Rcon start

Rcon warmup

Rcon overtime

Rcon changelevel de_”xxxx” (map name)


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