Expert Support for your AI Project (by Qamcom) - SLOT 1

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Meet face to face with AI experts to talk and ask about AI topics of concern to you and your organization!


  • AI is a buzz.
  • AI is powerful.
  • AI is capable of solving everything and anything.
  • AI is a bit scary.
  • AI is where? Anywhere? Everywhere?
  • AI is complex.
  • AI is something I myself, and my organization, want to explore and make use of. I think…


What are your thoughts? What are your questions? What keeps you from moving on with your idea, plan or specific project?

Do you need help or maybe just bounce some ideas?

We, Qamcom Research and Technology (, experts in AI and multiple other technology and system domains, invite you to a personal session with our field experts in Industrial AI and Sensor Systems where we will listen to your thoughts, questions and ideas and together with you discuss and provide feedback on your specific case. For example, we may answer some general questions you may have, and/or we may give you some ideas and advice on how to proceed, what may or may not be possible to do with AI in your particular case and so forth.

No commitments, just an opportunity to get to know each other and for you to get some free advice.

Maybe it could also be the start of a deeper engagement going forward. Let’s find out together!


One hour free interactive consultative dialogue on anything related to Industrial AI and/or AI Powered Sensor Systems. Limited number of slots available!

When: During AI Sweden Partner Days, Day 2, Wednesday May 5th, Time slots at 10:30, 13:00, 14:15 and 15:30




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Arrangören av Expert Support for your AI Project (by Qamcom) - SLOT 1

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