I'm a small business female founder-why do I need to work on my brand, too?

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Are you finding it challenging to work on your brand as a female entrepreneur or small business owner? This lecture is for you.


It takes enough time and effort to start and keep the business running – who has room to work with branding?

Even though all entrepreneurs or business owners have studied, read about the importance of creating a remarkable brand as one of the most important things you can do for your business. Many of them think branding is a luxury, an expense which only big firms or companies with big budgets can afford. There are several reasons that can explain why Branding is seen as extravagance and not as a natural part of the business. However, The reality is that Branding matters. If you have a business, you have a brand, and, no matter the size of your business, making sure your brand is outstanding should be your top priority.

Working in your Brand doesn’t mean having a super budget from the start. It starts with you and giving a thought to your brand. Factors such as the personality of your company and yourself, your products/services, office décor, the people you hire, and the way you treat customers combine to create an impression of your company and a feeling for what it’s like to do business with you. Controlling these factors to build a unique and identifiable brand is the key to turning prospects into customers, which of course translates into more recurring businesses, referrals, and profits.

There are many entrepreneurs, startups, owners that have seen real financial benefits as a result of improving their brand. Are you finding it challenging to work in your brand as a female entrepreneur or small business owner? This lecture is for you.

To whom we recommend

● Entrepreneurs who are starting their business venture

● Small business owners who want to transform from non-brand or product-oriented business into a recognized brand.

Few details about the agenda (some of the main points)

● What’s Branding?

● Dysfunctional believes about Branding

● ROI in Branding

● Why is it so hard to work with Branding?

● Examples of Good Branding

● Brand the Change Methodology

● Where to start?

Time: 15 December 2020, 15: 00-16: 30

Location: Online (live broadcast)

Registration and practical information: Please book your free ticket via Eventbrite. You will get the link for the live event 30-60 minutes prior to the lecture.

During the lecture, you will have the opportunity to be part of the discussion via raising questions and presenting important topics that you are dealing with in your professional life.

About Patricia Alvarado

Impact Branding coach

"Your service/product can't be everything to everyone. With a good Branding foundation, your business will navigate easier where you want to go"

Patricia Alvarado is a vibrant social entrepreneur with 2 ventures on her hands: Powered by Women and Move with Pati Alvarado where she combines her 3 wildest passions: foreign-born women, entrepreneurship, and dance as a träning form.

"I started my business Powered by Women to support foreign-born entrepreneurs, especially women, to succeed in Sweden. Our purpose is to eradicate poverty among international female talent and actively promote equality where we women define their own terms and make progress both personally, professionally, and economically. I know how hard it is to find your place when you move to a new country. I have done it twice, once from Venezuela to Mexico and the second time to Sweden in 2013. "

Since 2015, Patricia has immersed herself in her entrepreneurial development, where she has joined different incubator programs. Over the years, she has studied branding, design thinking not only for businesses but for personal purposes.

Certified trainer in the Brand the Change methodology with extensive experience in marketing & communication for startups, SMEs, and nonprofits organizations in Venezuela, Mexico, and Sweden. Currently, Patricia combines all of her valuable knowledge and experience to empower others in building their brands. She introduces methodologies and tools with a comprehensive and affordable approach to ensure her female founders have the key to creating a lucrative and long-lasting business.

When she doesn’t work with her business ventures, she loves to spend time with my family and friends, to discover Stockholm, and to work voluntarily as part of the global network of trend hunters of Leonardo1452 and as part of the Executive Board of I love Venezuela Sweden.

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